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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
for the price its good BUT durability and legnth are a issue

durability :2 star if it has a Tear or fold line IT WILL tear, just a matter
of time . And the button at the Very end of the line in the
middle is Far from enjoyable i would have Rathered a
Doughnut shaped hole Or outline icut / Melted mine
off it was probably one of the more Uncomfortable
parts poking where it should not during use

usability: 3 star too short for me to enjoy it fully

flexibility: 3 star, im sure its fine Stretching But considering the
tearing iv' had to deal with if you dont abuse it like i have
it may never be a problem for you.

Color: 5 star its clear, no dyes. of course 2 years of age made it
darker and less see through, But to each their own.

Compatibility: 5 star i do not have The Electrical product this is designed for BUT that will not stop me wanting this design it has a lip that lets it go basically Anywhere a jar with a small hole at the top for suction Ect. but most of the time holding it is enough .

Survivability: 5 star, i by all means am not perfect i dont feel like cleaning it from time to time , BUT i dont finish in it either. huge difference in hygiene , from finishing inside to Not finishing inside That part alone im sure effects the life of the fleshlight just by itsself so it lasting 2 years from the abuse i put it through is why it has a 5 star.

im not so perfect ill send a Picture of it 2 years down the road. If you know , you know . its always going to look bad ASlong as theirs no odors or Significant color changes in One spot ect... theirs no reason to buy another.

LAST NOTE : when saving it up Shove something inside To keep it from folding inward Something that ISNT going to stretch it but is easy to remove , as it just sitting in storage It Sags naturally creating its own creases in the material , i use a few things from a glass rock thats Not big so it doesnt' Stretch the product but does not Make it fold in , ITs just perfect to keep it from folding inward

High Quality, 5 stars

It works great, I highly recommend this purchase

Jeremy L. Davis
Amazing & feels great

Amazing, feels great, exactly as described, works like it should, fun toy nice crafted, delivered on time,

Hades Thicksteel

Not the best masturbation device but does the job. Definitely feels good and is a new feeling. It's quiet. Fun to use with others as they can watch through the viewing window. Becareful thrusting too hard can cause your dick to be sore. Definitely will milk you empty.

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