Looking to spice up your masturbation routine? Here are 3 great sexologist-approved ways to enhance your pleasure.

Looking to spice up your masturbation routine? Here are 3 great sexologist-approved ways to enhance your pleasure.

The benefits of masturbation are widely known. Masturbation releases stress, helps with relaxation, improves sleep, and positively increases one’s mood. As a sexologist, I’m excited to say that sex and masturbation have finally reached societal attention in gaining overall acceptance. Why would I say this? Because more and more, masturbation is being integrated into our conversations.

There is a double standard when it comes to masturbation. Studies find that more males masturbate than females. This discrepancy may be due to the stigma around masturbation. To be specific, it's the acceptance of male masturbation over female masturbation that does the trick. To encourage women in the exploration of their bodies and the associated pleasure, a societal effort to fight this stigma and encourage women to begin their pleasure journey has taken hold. These efforts are successful, and I am happy to report that studies have found more women masturbate today than ever before.

All this being said, let’s take a moment to refocus our thoughts back to male masturbation! Men need a tune-up! The question many men are asking now is, “How do I spice up my masturbation routine?” Don’t worry guys, Dr. Mindy has a few ideas for you! (Plus a few rather amazing automatic masturbators to recommend!) Male masturbators are simply a great way for men to learn more about what they find pleasurable. They allow men to connect with their bodies, and simply enjoy some alone time! So, let’s begin by checking out my top three recommendations on how to spice up your masturbation routine, and the masturbation toys for men that I think are game-changing.

  1. Heat things up! Temperature play is a very sexy kink. One way to experiment with temperature is to apply heat! Heat increases circulation, awareness, and sexual sensation. Raising the temperature awakens nerve endings and the circulatory system enhancing….well… everything. Start your sizzle masturbation routine with the Zolo Heatstroke. This male masturbator heats up to 109 degrees and even offers a pulsating feature. The Zolo heatstroke is absolutely fire when looking to heighten your sexual sensations.
  2. When choosing the right match for your ideal male masturbator, think about the feel of the material that you desire. Today’s toys offer a dizzying array of textures and pulsations. As a Sexologist, I recommend you experiment with many different textures. For example, some men prefer as realistic a feel as possible. The Perfect Girlfriend Masturbator by Zolo is the real deal. This masturbator’s texture is ultrarealistic. A little bonus pleasure with this masturbator is the suction feature and the added three silicone rings of various sizes. Place a cock ring at the base of your penis to restrict your blood flow, which in turn results in harder, and longer-lasting erections. This of course only increases the pleasure of your orgasm.
  3. Great sex starts with the senses. As I always say “sex is between the ears, not just the legs”. Many men find stimulating the eyes with sexy images, or the ears with dirty talk to be an intense turn-on that completes the experience. Think about how you like to stimulate each sense. The Power Stroker by Zolo not only focuses on sexual pleasure but it also stimulates your hearing sense as well. This automatic masturbator not only provides vibration and a squeezing sensation, but it also has built-in erotic audio. If you are looking for an all-encompassing sexual experience, begin experimenting with the Power Stroker.

As a Sexologist, I truly believe we can learn to live our best sex life, whether we are having sex by ourselves or with a partner, I encourage you to experiment with your pleasure through masturbation. To have pleasurable sex with a partner, we must begin by knowing our pleasure pathway and what we sexually enjoy. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to engage in masturbation. I often encourage my clients to mix up their masturbation routine. Mix up your routine by exploring and experimenting with new positions, mix up the room you typically masturbate in, vary the time of day, alter the duration of your sexy time, etc. Avoid getting stuck in old habits. No one can replicate the pleasure you create yourself during masturbation! Avoid expecting a partner to replicate the same experience. Now go out and have great sex!

Dr. Mindy

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